Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Video Board Pictures - 5/1/2013

Large new group of shots from the new video board, new seating, and new brickwork at Jones AT&T Stadium.

The roof is now being installed on the video board and the interior brick is now going up around the east support.

Both areas under the northeast and northwest sections are being prepped for the decorative brick work and arches.

The are also getting the area ready for the new seating section that will go in on the southwest corner right next to the video board.

Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.

 photo DSC_4942_zpsb28a5a0b.jpg
 photo DSC_4943_zps1270f9a4.jpg
 photo DSC_4944_zpse4eb209c.jpg
 photo DSC_4945_zps522116ac.jpg
 photo DSC_4946_zpsfe5a8f8d.jpg
 photo DSC_4947_zps5051327a.jpg
 photo DSC_4948_zps15d14a03.jpg
 photo DSC_4949_zps15d347d7.jpg
 photo DSC_4950_zpsace1d47a.jpg
 photo DSC_4951_zpsbdcc922b.jpg
 photo DSC_4952_zps9a85905d.jpg
 photo DSC_4953_zps5ba1be4b.jpg
 photo DSC_4955_zpsa32f1bf9.jpg
 photo DSC_4954_zpscef4d93a.jpg
 photo DSC_4956_zps743e2e6e.jpg
 photo DSC_4957_zps4ddc9a3d.jpg
 photo DSC_4958_zps42a4e01c.jpg
 photo DSC_4959_zpse204974b.jpg
 photo DSC_4960_zps672c25c9.jpg
 photo DSC_4961_zps2590a658.jpg
 photo DSC_4962_zpsd1dfce99.jpg
 photo DSC_4963_zps18909c6d.jpg
 photo DSC_4964_zps2755ad01.jpg
 photo DSC_4965_zps664493bf.jpg

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