Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New TTU Campus Pictures - 1/25/2015

Lots of activity across campus as a new year gets underway.

This group of pictures includes the new beautification project near the Broadway entrance of campus, the new public art pieces near architecture and the creative movement studio, the seat removal project at Jones AT&T Stadium, the new synthetic turf intramural fields near the John Walker Soccer complex, the new entrance at the Rawls Golf Course, the first phase of the new research park, and the new additional to the Plant and Soil Science Building.

They have all the trees in along the Broadway entrance and are renovating the fountain behind the school seal. Instead of red brick, the fountain will now feature the white stone that will match the stone on the campus buildings.

The new piece of public artwork near the architecture building is a replica of the Robert Bruno steel house at Ransom Canyon.

Steel is now going up on the new Plant and Soil Science addition.

Friday, December 19, 2014

New TTU Campus Pictures - 12/19/2014

There are a lot of construction projects going on across campus as the new year approaches.

This group of shots features the beautification projects along the main entrance of campus and around the old dairy barn, the seat replacement project at Jones AT&T Stadium, the new synthetic turf intramural fields going in just north of the John Walker Soccer Complex, and the new Plant and Soil Science Building expansion.

The work has ramped up during the break with the beautification projects as a large number of trees are now been planted for both projects.

The seats in sections 1, 2, 102, 103, and about half of the student sections have been removed from Jones AT&T Stadium.

The new synthetic turf is in place on both fields of the new intramural complex.

Foundation work is well under way on the new wing of the Plant and Soil Science Building.

The only projects I didn't take pictures of this morning were of the Bayer Crop Science building and the first phase of the Research Park.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

I hope to get out sometime this weekend and get a number of Carol of Lights photos.

Friday, December 5, 2014

New TTU Campus Pictures - 12/5/2015

This group includes shots of phase one of the Jones AT&T Stadium additions and renovations, the completed Southwest Conference Bonfire Circle, the new synthetic turf intramural fields, and phase one of the Research Park.

They have already started tearing the old seats out of Jones AT&T Stadium. I spoke with one of the guys with the crew that is taking out the seats and he said they are removing about a section a day. They have removed sections 1,2,26, 27, and 28 as of today.

The renovated Southwest Conference Bonfire Circle is complete and really adds a lot to the area. I'll try to dig through my shots that I've taken over the year and compare the old circle with the new one. They did a really nice job on it. I hope they can do as good a job on the double-t scoreboard as they've done with the SWC circle.

The new turf is ready to install on the new intramural fields just north of the John Walker Soccer complex.

Work continues on phase one of the new research park on 4th Street between Quaker and the Texas Tech Parkway.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New TTU Campus Pictures - 11/19/2014

There is a new wave of construction projects now underway across campus.

These shots will highlight the new synthetic intramural recreational fields near the John Walker Soccer Complex, the new Research Park (Phase 1) on 4th Street near Quaker Avenue, the new public art piece at the Rawls Golf Course, the new Bayer CropScience Greenhouses and building (Formally the Continuing Education Building next to the International Cultural Center), the new wing and renovation of the Plant and Soil Science Building, and the new beautification project near the old diary barn and library.

Sunday, November 16, 2014