Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New TTU Campus Pictures - 7/23/2014

This new group of pictures includes shots mostly of the new residential village near 19th and Indiana and the beautification project near the main entrance and Memorial Circle area.

They have finished pouring concrete around the Will Rogers and Soapsuds statue. They still need to add lighting and the new flower beds around the area. Three public art benches will be added near the statue at a later date. The automatic water sprinkler systems are nearing completion and the new trees should start going in soon.

The sprinkler systems are also going in around the other beautification project near the old dairy barn and west side of the library.

The new residential village is nearing completion and looking quite impressive. Lots of landscaping going in and finishing touches going on the buildings.

I believe a new "star-shaped" piece of public art called "Texas Rising" will be located in the courtyard of the new complex.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New SWC Bonfire Circle Close Replica of Old SWC Bonfire Circle

It looks like the new Southwest Conference Circle may be a pretty close replica of the old Southwest Conference Circle.

They have put red brick around the outside edges of the circle but have not put any team logos down yet. I was comparing pictures of the old circle with the new circle and the designs look basically the same and are also they same size.

I get the feeling the logos will go down close to the opening of the football season.

On another note, the area it is located looks a lot nicer than before the petroleum engineering building was built. They've done a great job with landscaping and that area may become a pretty good spot to set up tailgating tents.

Old Circle

 photo 100_5409_zps1c551f29.jpg

New Circle

 photo DSC_0133_zpsb52cbdb1.jpg

New TTU Campus Pictures - 7/9/2014

New group of shots from campus that include the beautification project near the main entrance/Memorial Circle area, the new Southwest Conference Bonfire Circle, the new public art piece in the Experimental Science courtyard, and the new residential village near the corner of 19th and Indiana.

They are completely re-working the area around the Will Rogers and Soapsuds statue. They are pouring new concrete and the area will eventually have three new benches as part of the public art collection. This is part of the campus beautification project.

They have put in red brick around the new Southwest Conference Bonfire Circle. I was looking at pictures of the old circle compared to the new circle and it looks like it will be an exact duplicate or pretty close to it. The dimensions look the same. I'll post a comparison picture later this evening.

Astrolabe by Owen Morrel is the newest piece of the TTU Public Art Collection. It is located in the courtyard of the Experimental Science Building.

Landscaping is going in at the new residential village.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

New TTU Campus Pictures - 6/14/2014

Walked around campus for a couple of hours this morning taking a random group of shots.

The only construction pictures that are included in this set are of the new synthetic turf being installed on one of the rec fields near the USA and the new residential complex at the corner of 19th and Indiana.

Had to take a couple of reflection pictures since we had thunderstorms roll through town last night.

I've also started a Facebook page dedicated to my photography. Please feel free to visit if you are interested.

ORB Photography Facebook Page


Friday, June 13, 2014

Campus Coffee Table Books - Summer Sale - Save 25%

Both of my campus coffee table books featuring my pictures of campus are still available on the Blurb website. There is a new promo code that will save you 25% for an order of $100 or more. (See promo code below.)

The second edition is called Seasons, A Campus Tour - Texas Tech University.

The newer book is in a slightly larger format (8.5"x10", first book was 7"x7") than the first book and includes all brand new material. There are three different formats to choose from; including softcover, hard back with book jacket, and hard back, image wrapped. The hard back with cover jacket is the most professional looking format in my opinion.

In order to purchase from the Blurb website, you will need to set up a free account before you are allowed to order.

I like the second book a lot better mostly because of the larger format.

Promo Code - Save 25% through June on orders of $100 or more by using the promo code SUMMER2014. Make sure and use all CAPS when entering the code.

As with the first book, Blurb is an on-demand web-publishing company, so prices are a little higher because they are being printed only when they are ordered. Again, I wish I could find someone to produce the book at a cheaper price, but I haven't been successful in finding anyone to do that. Blurb turns out the most professional product of any of the on demand web-publishing sites.

The first book, Reflections, is still available for purchase as well.

The cover and the center spread are shown below and you can preview a number of pages on the actual webpage where you purchase the book.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Front Cover

Center spread

Friday, June 6, 2014

New TTU Campus Pictures - 6/6/2014

This group features shots of the new beautification project around Memorial Circle and the main entrance, the Southwest Conference Bonfire Circle, activity around Dan Law Field in preparation for this weekends super regional, plus various campus shots.

They are adding seating behind the left field wall of Dan Law Field to expand the stadium's capacity this weekend.